HR and payroll services

HR and payroll services:

  • keeping personal files of employees
  • preparation of employment contracts, specific-task contracts, mandate contracts, etc.
  • calculation of remuneration
  • keeping records of working time
  • preparation of ZUS, PIT-11, PIT-8B, and PIT-40 declarations
  • settlement of personal income tax PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, etc.
  • service of ZUS benefits
  • assistance in employing foreigners
  • HR and payroll outsourcing
  • preparation of A1 certificates,
  • settlement of PUP refunds
  • HR and payroll audit

Price list:

The prices of accounting services are determined individually for each client through negotiations and depend on:

    • forms of tax books (e.g., Commercial Books, revenue and expense ledger, lump sum)
    • legal form (e.g., natural person, civil partnership, limited liability company)
    • industry (e.g., service, trade, or production activities)
    • the number of accounting documents
    • other (e.g., the company is a VAT payer, foreign transactions, etc.