Accounting and financial services

Accounting and financial services:

  • registered lump sum
  • tax revenue and expense ledger
  • trading books
  • VAT
  • handling and sending SAF-T files
  • economic and financial analyzes
  • reporting and financial control
  • balance sheets
  • loan applications
  • puesec support (Intrastat, AKC4, etc.)
  • environmental fee
  • annual tax settlements (PIT, CIT)
  • tax audit
  • removal of tax and accounting arrears, etc.

Price list:

The prices of accounting services are determined individually for each client through negotiations and depend on:

    • forms of tax books (e.g., Commercial Books, revenue and expense ledger, lump sum)
    • legal form (e.g., natural person, civil partnership, limited liability company)
    • industry (e.g., service, trade, or production activities)
    • the number of accounting documents
    • other (e.g., the company is a VAT payer, foreign transactions, etc.